Does the sound of “networking” send a chill down your spine? Do you dread having to make small talk and network
with architects, designers and developers? In the new norm of today’s world, it is even more challenging to network in a virtual space. How do you even connect with a person when you are not able to meet face-to-face?

If you want to get rid of the fear, doubt and uncertainty around networking and start to turn it into a tool to help you improve your sales, this webinar is for you. In this power-packed workshop, you will learn simple yet powerful tips on how to start a conversation that will set you up for sales opportunities, build on the conversation that will provide you with the platform to showcase yourself; and to close the conversation smoothly as the stepping point to your next steps in the sales cycle.

Building your Personal Brand

The way you carry yourself in terms of personal grooming and speaking, affects others’ perceptions of you. This, in turn, affects the way clients respond to you and whether they are willing to open an account with you or have anything to do with you at all.

If you do not have a clear personal brand in mind to portray, how others see you will become your brand, whether you like it or not. In order to enhance your clients’ trust in you, you need to dress and behave with gravitas.

In this power-packed workshop, you will be empowered to build up your gravitas to enhance your customers’ and vendors’ trust in you.

Speed Profiling of Customers

Do you find that sometimes it is easier to connect with some clients and get them to trust you very quickly while it takes forever to do the same with others? That is because different folks require different strokes.

Especially when it comes to selling, many of us sell the way we like to sell instead of selling the way clients like to buy. Different clients have different buying styles and are motivated by different reasons to take action to buy your products and solutions.

In this power-packed workshop, you will be equipped with powerful speed profiling tools using True Colors Personality Profiling. When you know how to be a chameleon and adapt your selling approach, you will realise that you can easily connect with anyone, anytime.

Thinking on Your Feet

During meetings with your clients, we are sometimes faced with situations where they ask you questions that you did not expect. If you do not respond appropriately or in time, it reflects badly on your credibility. The ability to buy time while thinking quickly and giving a meaningful response helps you take charge of the situation and increase others’ trust in you.

In this power-packed workshop, you will learn simple and useful techniques to help you think faster and better under pressure, anytime and anywhere.

Selling in the New World

In the olden days, clients do not have much choices and they are very dependent on what you tell them. Times have changed. In this new world of technology and adversity, clients have also become savvier and more sophisticated. No one likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy.

When you are able to transcend the traditional way of selling products and instead help customers buy, you will not only speed up your closing rate, you can also retain your customers in the long run and win continued business.

In this power-packed workshop, you will be inspired to leave behind old ways of selling and embrace the new way to help them buy.


Facts tell, stories sell. Instead of boring features and facts about your products, using stories is an amazing way of packaging the information in a palatable and exciting way.

In this modern world of information overload, vendors lose interest very quickly the moment you go into presenting a bunch of data. By citing boring and technical information of which they can easily obtain at their fingertips, a simple story can bring your point across with impact.

In this power-packed workshop, you will learn how to turn boring facts and technical information into compelling stories that can help evoke emotion in clients and invoke their action to take on yourproducts.


All-win does not mean equal win. As long as all parties are happy with what they get, it is a win for everyone. We negotiate all the time, be it with clients or anyone in our lives. Whether it is on pricing, resources and decisions on what to do and what not to do, it is a lifelong skill that help us get what we want. When you can master the art of negotiation, you will achieve greater productivity and even better relationships with others.

In this power-packed workshop, you will be introduced to the powerful concept of having a “Gogiver attitude” that can help you get more than what you bargained for. When you realise that by giving more gets you even more, it changes the conventional way of negotiation to achieve an allwin result.