Employee Development Programs

Employee’s commitment, job satisfaction and productivity are to a great extent affected by their
relationships with their bosses. A robust working relationship with your boss can help to realise
your potential and enhance your contributions to the organisation. Build a partnership with your
boss – start by understanding yourself and your boss better and knowing how best you can manage
the interactions between both of you.
In this 1-day power-packed workshop, you will learn simple and powerful strategies to enhance and
strengthen your working relationship with your boss. With the interactive exercises and hands-on
practice with professional feedback, you will enjoy a better relationship not only with your boss,
also with anyone you work with.

  • Identify factors that influence your relationship with your boss.
  • Recognise behavioural styles of self and your boss.
  • Develop and maintain an effective working relationship with your boss.
  • Communicate effectively with the boss.