Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

As leaders, we are often seen as people whom others seek guidance from. When we tell our team
members what to do, we are just giving them the fish. The day we stop doing so, they will lose
momentum, desire and the ability to survive. With effective coaching skills, we will be better able to
guide our team on how to fish, which will help them to succeed with a sense of pride to keep doing
so even when they are on their own.
In this power-packed keynote, you will learn powerful coaching methods to instil a positive and
problem-solving mindset in your team. With the right attitude and tools, you will be more equipped
to lead your team to achieve high performance and continue doing so in the long run.

  • Acquire critical skills in being a coach versus a mentor for your team.
  • Learn how to ask powerful coaching questions to build a positive mindset in your team.
  • Know how to identify and develop strengths in your team members to improve their
  • Enhance the problem-solving mentality and promote perseverance using positive psychology
    coaching methodology.
  • Be clear of the next steps forward to make things happen.