Public Speaking Training

We all “communicate” every day when we talk and write to one another, but not many of us
“connect”. Be it the spoken or written word, what we think in our minds does not always come out
the way we intend it to be. Messages and intentions can get lost when we do not use the right
words. Worse still, we may use the wrong words that may trigger conflicts and cause unhappiness.
When it comes to writing emails, letters, and reports, it may seem like a daunting task to some of
us, especially those of us who merely use templates created by our predecessors and attempt to
use profound words to make our writing seem impressive. As a result, our writing is old-fashioned,
complicated and we are not able to get our point across.
In this power-packed two-hour workshop, you will learn how to build your foundation in speaking
and writing clearly, concisely, professionally, and effectively to prevent misunderstanding and get
your message across with impact.

  • Understand the importance and value of efficient and effective written and spoken
  • Learn how to express your thoughts using the right words to enhance the impact of your
  • Be equipped with modern writing templates and power phrases to persuade, influence, show
    appreciation and achieve collaboration.