Jaslyn Ng

Financial Services Manager, MDRT & COT achiever, Prudential Assurance Company, Singapore

I met Maxine is 2018, where she was conducting a full day Sales Effectiveness class. Since then I have never missed any of her training classes because Maxine is one of the best Sales Trainers I have ever come across. After reading the Secret Manual of the Sales Warrior, I was totally blown away because I was already adhering and practising some of the tactics to achieve my MDRT and COT! This book is so useful, not only for the Sales Professionals but also many working professionals as well! This book is the REAL SECRET Manual to your Success in Sales!

Janet Chin

Chief Partnership Officer, AXA AFFIN Life Insurance Berhad, Malaysia

This is truly one of the best sales books I have ever read.  This book teaches you how to master techniques and strategies to become a Sales Warrior.  Once you start reading it, you will find it hard to put it down as all the twelve topics truly describe the challenges faced by today’s salespeople. Selling is part and parcel of life.  These tips are handy not just for the salesperson but for those managing teams.  What sets this book apart from other sales books is that the ever colourful and bubbly Maxine not only shares the concepts, she further illustrates with stories, examples and case studies.  It is a great personal development book which every sales person must have.

Stephenie Teo

Executive Director, Private Bank in Singapore

In the ancient pugilistic world, a warrior takes years to master an unrivalled and highest order of martial arts techniques. Yet Maxine has deftly distilled the essence of sales effectiveness and created a punchy manual to break-through performance in swift time. This easy read contains all the essential skills to be THE Sales Warrior and is definitely for anyone who wants to emerge the winner in sales.

John Burbidge

Head of Business Development APAC, AMT Training, Hong Kong

Having worked closely with Maxine over the past years to deliver high-level training programs to executives in the APAC region, I was delighted to have the opportunity to both read and make a contribution to Maxine’s first book! My initial thoughts were, “how can you transfer years of training knowledge into a book format?” Having had the opportunity to read through the “Secret Manual of the Sales Warrior”, I was incredibly impressed. It is an essential guide for leaders of people across different industries. Certainly a must-have and a must-read! I wish Maxine all the best in her future endeavours and I am sure she will continue to be a leader in the industry to people like myself for many years to come.

Carmen Yap

Assistant Manager (Corporate Training), Aventis Learning Group, Singapore

Engaging, Personable, and most importantly 100% Relatable and immediately Applicable. As a sales warrior in the making, this book has instantly boosted my confidence and will become the one manual that I will always use when I want to achieve success in what I do. Thank you, Maxine, for the carefully designed manual that well covers all aspects for one to transform from a Sales Amateur to a Sales “Connoisseur” – in other words, a full-fledged Sales Warrior.

Andrew Chow

CSP, Founder of Key People of Influence, Singapore

The Secret Manual of the Sales Warrior is a mini MBA Sales Course in disguise. It covers everything from the pre-works to actual engagement with prospects and clients. For the experts in sales, there are sections in the form of Question-and-Answer where you can close in quickly on the topic of interest. To the novices, you are guided by a Action Planning list at the end of each chapter. This is not a book; it is a secret manual written by a highly-esteemed sales warrior for future warriors.

Dawn Yeow

Regional HR Director, Asia, International SOS, Singapore

This “how-to” book is an easy read and full of practical tips that you can immediately apply in almost any situation where you need to influence. If you have met Maxine in person, you will find that this book reflects her fun and lively personality!

Daniel Monnet

Director of Front Services, Credit Suisse, Singapore

Firstly: it is great. Secondly: it is totally worth it. Who else other than Maxine to write this amazing book about “Secret Manual of the Sales Warrior”? Right from the start, you are put inside the real life scenario: “Does the idea of networking send tingling paralyzing shivers down your spine?” From there on, you are nicely navigating throughout the journey of a Sales Warrior with a lot of tips and tricks to master the art. Do not wait any longer. Put your armour on and enjoy the ride. Well done, Maxine. Keep inspiring us!

Cindy Sim

Senior Manager, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore

I never knew that one can profile someone so easily and quickly. Maxine introduced the simplest way to do so with her 2-steps approach which will definitely come in handy for HR professionals like me who constantly need to engage staff and stakeholders. Maxine guides the reader on what kind of strategies one should adopt to manage the different profiles of people. I also like the way the book is being arranged, with the flexibility to start at any chapter. This book is not just meant for Salespersons, but it is for everyone in any profession. If one has been struggling in putting across their ideas or having challenging times in managing their bosses.  Look no further, this is the book one must read.

Mary Tan

Real Estate Consultant, Executive District Director of Huttons Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore

I read with awe of this book which I coined as an essential 武林秘籍 (martial arts secret manual) for sales warriors, regardless of the industry. I find good relevancy in all twelve chapters as Maxine is able to relate and guide the reader professionally through her personal experiences and through her years of engagement with many top sales experts. My favourite reads are Chapter five on Speed Profiling and Chapter six on Selling to the New Generation as they provide very interesting sagacity. I love the Action Plan section at the close of every chapter as it helps me to reflect, summarise and put my thoughts into action.